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XPLR Outfitters is proud to provide the highest quality premium goods for camper vans, overlanders, and expedition vehicles. We provide an exclusive level of customer service, as each item is custom built to fit the lifestyle of your adventures ahead. Every piece of XPLR Outfitters Gear is handmade and built by our small production team in San Diego, California. 

Don't allow your adventures to wait, shop now or contact us for custom designs! 

We hope you enjoy our collection!

Product Details 

All window shades are held in place by high quality neodymium magnets, with the exception of the self-supporting front windshield.


Quality Fabrics

Our fabrics are made using quality nylon with multiple color options.



We use the best low-e reflective insulation.



We accept custom direct fit window patterns, colors and fabric requests. Please email us for more information.

Available Color Options

More color options will be available soon! If you do not see the color option you like, please ask!  We offer custom choices and we are always expanding.


We now have two kinds of silver

Light Silver

Slightly heavier nylon at 500D vs standard 400D.

Dark Silver


Four Season Options


Add $40 per item (like crew window)
or pair like rear door windows.


$10 extra for fan covers and bed panel
windows (each).

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